Friday, June 3, 2011

First Friday Fun

Often I feel the pressure of too many have to's and not enough want to's...last night I woke up at 230 am and started thinking about stuff....I have a lot of deadlines looming but who cares about that?? I knew  Jenny was coming over for a sew day today so I started thinking about that instead .....we had fun....she brought over her new pattern and ruler for me to test drive and I loaded a white sandwich on the longarm and we made fun fun fun with scraps!!!

friday's fun

my sweet creative friend Jenny....

this is easy peasy raw edge applique.....

I love putting words into my fun

jenny put her initials in

we had room left on the longarm so we decided to make a pennant as well....super easy straight line quilting...Jenny's idea.....then we cut them apart with a wavy rotary cutter....

then I took a lot of photos...

tried to find the ONE that was just right...

and this is my favorite.....Jenny thank you for a fun  Friday !!!!!!
 Now it is back to reality and deadlines...I am working on the weekend for sure......and that is ok....Jenny and I are hoping to make this a Friday tradition.... xoxoxoxooxoxxo Pam


  1. Looks like you guys had a great time! Love the colorful raw edge applique quilts. Hope you are able to make it a Friday tradition.

  2. Hey!! 2 pictures of me and none of you :( It was fun Pam. It was fun to come home with something fun!! Thanks for that!

  3. What a fun day you guys had! I love those colourful suns!! and the bunting is so lovely too!

  4. I love the rainbow quilt!!! How in the world did you put the letters on the fabric?

  5. Lakehouse made this letter fabric....


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