Friday, October 25, 2013

i believe in the colour wheel ~ i believe in ME ~ AMY'S BQF fall 2013

WELCOME to the BLOGGERS QUILT FESTIVAL hosted by amy ellis from amy's creative side

my quilt was inspired by by cheryl  i organized my scraps by color to make a few colorful charity blocks for the flooding in southern alberta this year...and i fell in  love with this block xo
the slab pattern and inspiration came from one of my favorite improv books ~ sunday morning quilts

one block led to another and oops i accidently started another quilt
 i machine quilted it with cathedral windows by j. schick from digitech and finished it perfectly with a striped binding

i used a recycled duvet and appliqued " i believe in the color wheel ~  i believe in me" with pieced  lakehouse letters

 each block measures 15 " ~  i made 20 blocks in total and  pieced them 4 across 5 down ~ finished quilt measures 60 by 75" more here

i love my canadian block xo

one big happy cuddle scrap quilt FINISH just for ME xo

i quilt a lot....mostly for others with my long arm business BUT i love to make my own quilts too...and most of those are given away to someone special SO i love that this one and this one are for ME !

OODLES OF MORE QUILTS HERE AT THE  BLOGGERS QUILT FESTIVAL~ CHECK OUT THE AMAZING COMMUNITY OF ONLINE QUILTERS...every spring and every fall i am super inspired and ALWAYS find new and exciting blogs to follow.  thank you to amy for organizing xo pam



  1. Totally love this! I need to make one someday

  2. Just beautiful, so happy looking! LOVE the Canadian block :)

  3. What a wonderful quilt of colourful fun.

  4. Love your quilt, totally scrappy and the quilting us so perfect for the top!

  5. Good for you, keeping it for yourself! Beautiful!

  6. Great slabs!! And the Canadian block makes my heart sing... :-)

  7. These slabs are the greatest! I too got started because of the floods in Alberta. My slab entry is in the baby quilts section - Ruth

  8. This quilt is beautiful, and a wonderful quilt for the festival.

  9. Beautiful and fun quilt! Great scraps and I really like the "slab" block. I think this needs to go on my "bucket list" of quilts to make. Glad you are keeping this one!

  10. Scrappy quilts hold such great memories. I love this quilt and like the fact you did some selfish sewing.


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