Tuesday, October 15, 2013

i BELieVE iN thE COloUR WhEEL iS dONe

i love this quilt and it is ALL mine

had a beautiful fall day to photograph it too xo

finishing it up on canadian thanksgiving was a BONUS

color slab love it all started here

more info here

so happy with the recycled duvet on the back too xoxoxo
happy tuesday!!

i have a super busy week ahead of me and lily will be home for a visit in 3 more sleeps! xo pam


  1. This quilt is so amazing! I am a bit new to quilting and I have had a rainbow scrap quilt in mind from day one! I don't have enough scraps just yet but some day i wi!
    You did a wonderful job!!

  2. Awesome quilt! Love the improv piecing

  3. Gorgeous. Love the binding! What a cheerful quilt to keep around.

  4. love, love, love the slabs. I've been inspired and have 7 slabs created, will make more. Hope to see you at Eva's class in the near future.
    Mary S


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