Friday, October 25, 2013

i heart my equilateral triangle quilt ~ BQF FALL 2013

welcome to amy's fall BQF 2013 

i love equilateral triangles

finished piecing this quilt at my yearly hen party quilt retreat with a little help from corona xo....  the final design was so inspired by blue elephant stitches
machine quilted w figure eight by dave hudson from digitech

this quilt was made mostly with art gallery fabric [LOVE] and finished up queen size

with a special stamped label [MORE LOVE]
this will be a FOREVER favorite xo

definitely loving all the  PURPLE in this pieced back xo

i LOVE this quilt very very much! makes me happy to share it here on the bloggers quilt festival ~ i love the endless inspiration that can be found online...a good example of that is here kristie from OCD and i were both inspired to make a triangle quilt by blue elephant stitches BUT our finished quilts are completely different...

i entered another quilt also here in the scrappy quilt category 
thank you to AMY  for organizing this wonderful quilt fest every spring and fall...xo pam



  1. Your quilt is beautiful. I am a sucker for equilateral triangles to. The quilting pattern you chose is perfect for it!

  2. So pretty! And you definitely deserved your Corona for finishing such a beauty,

  3. A very gorgeous quilt! I love to quilt the figure eights, but his look stunning and round, I'm soooo jealous! No wonder why you're in love with this quilt. Thanks so much for sharing such a beautiful work!

  4. I`m for sure going to check out blue elephant stitches `cos I already raved about Kristie`s quilt, and it`s true, they look so different. Plus I have that triangle ruler to try out


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