Thursday, March 20, 2014

more stars and honey and our trip to portland xo

COMPLETELY DONE ~ finished the final side of  binding last night xo

all ready for isaac and ani ~ feels so good to finish a quilt i started over a year ago  ~ stars and honey is a BEAUTY more here
machine quilted with honeycomb by dave hudson from digitech

and photographed outside with sunshine and blue skies xo

before giving it a good wash...and dry

it washed the puffy soft look  xo

sara and i got  a mother / daughter  night in portland....this is a large beautiful street mural in the pearl district

sara treated us to a night here for my birthday ~ we had such a nice quiet get away ... we ate well  ... we walked the bridge loop ... we just wandered ... i am most thankful for the gift of time we gave each other ~ thank you sara xo

this flashlight on his paw  puppy was on our bed...and we had a 6th floor view of the neighborhood 
we asked for a nicer view [our first room was facing the back with large heating ducts obstructing the window] and we got a nicer room too...thank you sherry for teaching me to always ASK NICE for more  if you are not happy ~ and these robes were hanging in our closet...could not miss this photo op xoxo
happy first day of's to finding "finding balance in the present moment" thanks mysticmama xo pam

1 comment:

  1. Your trip sounded divine . . . I love mother - daughter time :)
    And your quilt is wonderful including the very creative way you had of labeling it. I'm very impressed and inspired :)
    Happy Spring!
    Connie :)


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