Monday, March 3, 2014

home again xo

went on retreat to prosser in eastern washington ~ we stayed here at the quilted country much charm and PLENTY of room
shopped  next door at the sewing basket quilt shop with another very  large shop in the back~ the owners marilyn and ben were the BEST hosts ever xo

we had this beautiful view of the yakima river from our sewing room ~

made one of these ~ easy peasy

made one of these also thanks to carey organizing and helping ME a lot~ NOT easy peasy for ME...

i was over ambitious as usual but did finish piecing TWO  large and very lovely quilts... more here and here

and i found this sunbonnet sue treasure here ~ she needs a bit of  love but is in pretty good shape
each dress is different...the embroidery is so sweet...hand quilted w a small scale clamshell...

this bad  girl needs some serious love

but most are just lovely

most of the sweet girls face each other xo LOVE IT !!

the  rug arrived while i was away and nick  moved it in for me  xo....a bit brighter than i thought ice blue would be but it is growing on me...xo
as always i wish i would have taken more photos but i was too BUSY sewing...thanks to my hen party group for another great retreat xo ...i started  yearly retreats  WAY back in 1996 or 97 with most of these girls... it is so fun to see what everyone brings and how much we get DONE xo
and we loved this one so much we have  another booked ~ only this time we are going in the fall [decided on because we had to travel through a winter storm mountain pass yesterday to get home]  looking forward to it already xo
happy monday xo pam
linking up  with randi @ show and tell tuesday xo


  1. Looks like a real nice time : ) what a darling house and yellow to boot!

  2. I love your sunbonnet quilt . . . and it looks so soft, too. I haven't been to Prosser in such a long time. I went there and took a hot air balloon ride for my 50th birthday. We almost crash landed on the freeway . . . had cars pulling over and getting out to see if we were okay. That was a birthday to remember, LOL. Gosh, that was 18 years ago :)
    Have a great day and happy quilting.
    Your blogging sister, Connie :)

  3. A gorgeous place to stay and a quilt shop next door...heaven!! It looks as if you had a wonderfully creative time. Love, love, love the sunbonnet could perhaps commit murder for that one!!!


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