Saturday, March 8, 2014

another year xo

 i started my new year doing the stairs with my morning buddies and husband ~ followed by  a coffee date xo
there were beautiful flowers for my 56th birthday

lots of them xo and lots of other birthday wishes and treats...i am a lucky girl xo

even got  some special vintage stitches complete w a birthday lunch from kay xo
and a delicious birthday dinner and dessert  by sara,  isaac and  ani ....we missed lily , jerry and sam xo

this week i crossed my fingers and threw these dirty girls in the washing machine .....i was very nervous but this quilt really needed a good clean....i am happy to say all 42 girls survived beautifully xo
a few girls needed some love first

i just gave them a few  frankenstein stitches

and there was  a bit of customer time ~ i got joyce's beautiful pam kitty morning bom quilt done with loop the loop by barbara becker from digitech

 also joyce's basket quilt...done w continuous cathedral windows by j. schick from it

and mary's sweet improv quilt is also done with loop the my loop the loop xo
                       happy saturday ~ happy to say i have a quiet day planned xo  pam


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