Monday, March 17, 2014

stars and honey and INSPIRATION from the 33rd QA quilt show xo

zoom zoom ...i got the binding done yesterday

doing it on the longarm makes this part a bit easier cuz u don't have to manage the weight of the quilt xo

so great to have a FINISH XO

still love stamping my labels xo

a little surprize flower love from teri on saturday xo
kay and i made it out to the 33rd QA quilt show in monroe was a great quilt show with LOTS of great quilts ... i was very drawn into inspired by this scrappy house about it below

lollipop trees by kim mclean  is perfect for my kaffe stash...and i think my sister will be on board for this too right right?...i love the big scale of the applikay...this quilt belongs to summer truswell and was a winner last year at the QA show.......

and this is the back of the above love love

more kaffe....crazy beautiful

same quilt info below xo

summer loves kaffe too....she had many quilts at the show

and i love this kaffe zigzag below

and i was inspired by this below xo

and WOW right?? i forgot to get a name on this one but I LOVE IT and yup it is more kaffe
and i might have bought a bit of fabric from island quilter for my stash and yup all KAFFE xo

happy monday...busy day ahead cuz tomorrow is a getawaway night to portland  with my daughter to celebrate my bd....xo pam

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