Friday, October 5, 2012

old vintage meets new ... the bear's and happy friday

got started on machine quilting this vintage lovely .... this wonderful rescue quilt should really be hand quilted ....especially since every star is hand pieced but it could take  years for that and i want to be able to love it now xoxoxo
i finished the edges by hand stitching a border
decided on a flannel back and double will be a a very warm cuddly quilt for the trailer

really wanted to do an orange peel  design but quickly lost the desire to do sooo much ruler work

so cheers is to one row of free motion done and happy friday!!!
also got another curtain done for the trailer....just 2 more to go!!

and i finished up this bear's quilt for sully....i machine quilted it with a favorite panto ~ dizzy by jodi beamish from willowleaf studio
october 5 th and the weather is still so fine......planning on some garden time this weekend xoxox pam

1 comment:

  1. What a lovely quilt! The quilting looks good so far! :)


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