Friday, October 26, 2012

amy's blogger quilt festival

wooo hoooo!!! it is that time again......and i want to share my first ever rescue quilt...

i found this vintage hexagon star quilt top on ebay for $45....the red star is easily my favorite xoxo

it was completely hand pieced  with an unfinished edge

i matched the backround fabric almost perfectly and hand appliqued the edges down xoxo

i  machine quilted  this treasure on my long arm with an easy continuous curve and written history of the quilt in the borders....

i know that this quilt was made by an eighty-nine year old woman from sparta il. and that she parted with it when she moved into an old folks center ... i know that i love every print and every orange center  ...wish i knew more .....xoxo

i LOVE this vintage scrap quilt...there are so many wonderful old prints ...

i used double batt and a flannel back ....and it washed up into a beautiful snuggly quilt that i will treasure forever xoxox
thanks for stopping by .....i LOVE amy's quilt is loaded with fabulous inspiration....i have participated for a few years now and can hardly wait to start bloghopping!!! a BIG THANK YOU TO AMY for all her EFFORTS .

Blogger’s Quilt Festival Stats
"rescue me"
Finished quilt measures :72 x 82
Special techniques used :hand pieced by a sparta il. woman /hand appliqued border by me
Quilted by : Me and my long arm xoxox
Best Category :scrap quilt

Amy's Creative Side


  1. It's so wonderful that you rescued this great quilt! Love the quilting that you did :)

  2. What a wonderful idea to quilt the story of it into the border, this quilt is just beautiful :-)
    Did the old lady get to see it?

    1. no...bought this top on ebay from dealer and that is all she knew about the quilt top...wouldn't it be wonderful to track the quiltmaker down?? xoxo

  3. This is such a great story! There is such magic in taking an unfinished vintage quilt and giving it life. I must admit, I'm a little bit in love with your quilt!

  4. What a treasure to find and turn into a finished beautiful quilt.

  5. It is a very cute quilt! Your quilting makes it even more beautiful and charming!
    Thank you for sharing!

  6. Hi Pam! What a lovely story your beautiful quilt has! It is a treasury! You have done so great job and the quilting is perfect - makes those stars and orange centers pop up so lovely! I wish that old lady could see this quilt! x Teje

  7. What a wonderful rescue! I'm sure the original maker would be so happy to see it finished... It's beautiful.

  8. i love the red star too! i have a couple rescue quilts i was thrilled to find and still waiting to machine quilt. You are lucky to know something about the quilt you rescued! What batting did you use?

  9. What a beautiful quilt - I love that you quilted it with the story!

  10. Beautiful!!! I love that you were able to take this piece and finish it and give it new, fresh life. Such a wonderful story.

  11. I really enjoyed reading your quilt story and the finished result is just wonderful!

  12. What a cool thing to rescue a quilt. It looks like it's been around forever. You gave it some TLC! I have some hexies and matching fabric my Mom found at the thrift store so I'll have to get on rescuing that too!

  13. Love those vintage quilts. Great rescue!


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