Wednesday, October 10, 2012

all washed up xoxo

this old quilt washed up beautifully...i bought this quilt for $45 on was acquired by the seller from an 89 year old sparta illinois woman who went into a nursing home
it was  completely handpieced and in need of borders and quilting xoxo

it was beautifully pieced so pressing the edges under was easy peasy

i appliqued the points down to a border fabric that was perfectly matched in color xoxo

and machine quilted it....the red star is one of my favorite blocks xoxo

so nice to rescue this old quilt...i stitched the history into the borders xoxoxo
rescue me for winifred

old meets new

hexagon star

at home out in the trailer with the new curtains

double batt ... bright orange flannel ... and  the same border fabric for the binding xoxox

my pile of vintage goodness xoxox

me and my 3 girls are on an adventure to vancouver canada ...we will be spending the night and going to a comedy club .... celebrating some birthdays xoxoxox  happy wednesday xoxox


  1. Oh, this is so pretty! I love the red star too!

  2. Have a great time. Beautiful quilt too :o)

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  4. man, i want to squish and snuggle with this.

  5. Oh how I do so love vintage - this is a wonderful quilt! It looks amazing - I especially love the orange backing, it is just perfect. Have fun on your Vancouver adventure - I live close to Vancouver and sometimes come down to Washington for my adventures!!!

  6. This is so beautiful!I really want to snuggle with it!


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