Sunday, October 21, 2012

mostly unplugged

had a great week mostly unplugged with my sister here from alberta for a sewing visit....we shopped ...we sewed...we ate ....we walked...we went on a road trip to island quilter on vashon island with our friend kay...we enjoyed the fall xoxoxo

kay went straight to the kaffe wall and hugged it xoxoxo

susan and i wandered around very overwhelmed but kay got right to it xoxo
this is her very lovely pile xoxo

island quilter on vashon island is a very large quilt shop
with this amazing classroom / gallery currently showing

and i finished up sister joy's flying geese  quilt that she made for her daughter's wedding

machine quilted w dave hudson's stipple....i love the even scale [ something i don't get when i do my own stipple]
and finished up 10 ric rac tie backs for the trailer curtains...looks so simple but there was screws and snaps involved xoxo

and i have been cleaning out my sewing room...all the fabric that i am keeping is neatly organized....i gave away 4 bags of fabric i no longer want xoxo

and this lovely leaf has been clinging to this window for days...i do love the leaf part of fall xoxox
happy sunday...the sun is shining and calling my name xoxox pam

1 comment:

  1. Oh I'll Take the fabric if you don't want it, lol. Just teasing. I love the blue and white quilt from Sister Joy, Great job on the quilting!


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