Sunday, June 22, 2014

more heather ross macaroni love story improv

my quilt is SLOWLY growing into a subtle BEAUTY

loved the x's and o's for  #quiltforaneela so i made some for my macaroni love story that is turning more  into a combo improv /  sampler quilt

then yesterday i tried out the circus swirl from waterpenny that totally inspired and caught my eye

love it ! now i want to make a whole quilt cuz i am in sooo love with this block!  i see many possibilities xo
and i have been wanting to play around w modern half rectangle triangles  ~ i was inspired by redpepperquilts

somehow i ended up with a wonky kinda churndash??? so now i would love to play more with this block too
 that is what i love most about this very calm rules ~  just lots of pleasant surprises and i get to try out new stuff xo more here and here

                                                               happy sunday xoxo pam

1 comment:

  1. i love this spare/minimal look. and the piecing seems fun! yay!


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