Sunday, April 27, 2014

three quilts are better than two xo

yes.... a third one , inspired by redpepperquilts and her wonderful choices in fabric ~ and it was all in my STASH xo

still need to play with this some more and add MORE fabric but i am loving it xo

in love with this easy hst method

think i am naming this one HAPPY

it is a little crowded in the sewing factory right now...but i love all 3 quilts that are started and i thank eva for pointing me in the easy peasy hst direction xo

and BONUS we have the garden ready...nick did the hard work of turning the garden and fertilizing ~ i did a bit of weeding and pruning....and thanks to our favorite son isaac as well ~ our whole yard is looking so FINE  

                                                                 happy sunday xo pam

1 comment:

  1. I Love your colors, need to come and check out your stash!! I am going to try your method, it looks like SEW MUCH FUN. My garden is coming along slowly.... I am revamping and decided to remove two unhealthy fruit trees. I thought I would get some help taking them out, but now I am finding out how strong I am! Had to get a massage to take care of the sore back, but the massage therapist said I have "impressive biceps." no kidding. hope all is well. lets get together for coffee soon. xoxo


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