Wednesday, April 9, 2014

lucky girl xo

so stinkin cute ~ a special hand delivery from the uk....thanks pix xo

u can find them online @dotcomgiftshop but we were so very lucky to skip the expensive shipping ~ ps u might be able to find some  on etsy

and this just arrived  and it is PERFECT ! this is such a big splurge for me...i usually spend all my allowance on quilting FABRIC but i had to have this
40th anniversary lesportsac LEPATCH bag

 celebrate four decades of design and love of quilting ?   love to thanks !

  i can hardly wait to take my new bag on a trip ~ definitely a HAPPY wednesday
  xo pam


  1. What a happy bag! What will you use it for?

  2. Love the bag! ...and those pins are super cute! Hope you're enjoying the sun out today!


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