Sunday, April 6, 2014

the garden always takes 2nd place to QUILTING but it is still very important ~ spring 2014

woo hoo fushia  5 for 3 bucks at freddies

love the names xo
i forget the name of this but i love how it grows xo

i have to look closer for the few flowers in bloom this time of year ~i love the star inside the vinca

4 trillium blooms this year

these always make me happy xo

i even appreciate a good dandelion once in awhile xo

and the climatus xo

i am most amazed by the easter lily this year....never noticed this stage before ~ i think it looks half bird  xo

the seeds are bought but will have to wait for a few weeks...
i did get  a few herbs planted on the deck though .... xo

but now my sewing room with the  new steam iron and sara's quilt half finished is calling...xo
                               happy sunday xo pam

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