Friday, May 24, 2013

this week in the sewing room....

felt so good to get a little caught up in the sewing room....

quilted for nancy....i think this is a tula pink pattern and i love it xo
i think the pattern is called lanterns?? it reminds nancy of trees her fabric choices xo

quilted for janie...this pattern is called island breeze by lunch box quilts

love the cocktails and the COLOR and the box meander works great xoxo

quilted for katherine with izzy dizzy baby by jessica schick

katherine designed this star in a star surrounded by stars in queensize ~ loving the black and whites...
i had a very productive week inspired by a four day work week...
we are seabeck bound today for a weekend of camping xoxoxo
happy memorial day weekend xo pam
stay safe ~ lucky for us we are heading south because the skagit bridge on 1-5 collapsed last night...going to have a crazy impact on our area BUT so thankful that everyone survived ...


  1. omg, those cocktails are awesome! and so is your quilting. xoxo

    does it seem like there are more disasters in 2013 than usual? oy.

  2. Great quilting Pam. I couldn't remember where you were going camping. Have a great weekend. It's going to be a nightmare up north.

  3. Great quilting, especially like the designs complementing the "lanterns".

  4. I love the lanterns and are all the martini glasses fused? so cute


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