Sunday, May 12, 2013

lily's visit and happy mother's day !!

first ever begonias xxoxo thank you sara xo

meechiladas = yum yum ....this week with lily home has kept me hopping xo

lily and livi sleeping in underneath lily's new quilt = LOVE LOVE LOVE

picnic at stanley park ~ blew in and out of vancouver for lily's mexican work visa...

beers at english bay xoxox

have always wanted to stay at the sylvia

the ivy really is the best part though ...xo
and another bonus ~ lily's school friends over for a visit xoxo
  just a few more wonderful days with lily home hoo
  then i am off to portland for quilt market!!
  eeeeeeee there is a bit too much goodness happening in my life right now !!

                                                      happy mother's day !!  xoxo


  1. So glad she liked her quilt! I'm going to Market too ; )

  2. Hi! Looks like a perfect day! Lily and her quilt are beautiful! x Teje


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