Wednesday, May 1, 2013

home again

had a quick unplanned trip to alberta....last minute might be the best way xoxox
nick told friends that i was away for an emergency baby shower ...
there was a dinner with my nephew,his wife and their  new baby...there was a dinner w my nieces...there was a baby shower...and a quick visit w another nephew and his family...there was lots of sister time and there was fabric !! 

lots  and lots of GIRL time

mother daughter niece grandaughter cousins sister =  GIRL power xoxoxo

sisters xo

 new mommy xoxo

complete with a spring snow fall xo
AND an unexpected but wonderful BURST of fabric from quiltessential co.
back home...ready to get at it again...lily will be home in FIVE sleeps ! i have some sewing to do !!

happy wednesday xo pam

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