Friday, March 8, 2013

happy birThday to ME

this is my present to myself for my 55th bd...i do  many quilts for my longarm it is a special treat to load one of my own...happy birthday to me xo

i finished piecing the back and got this mother load queen size triangle quilt loaded just in time for my birthday xoxox soo inspired by blueelephantstitches with this triangle finsh xoxo

a view from below xoxo

best birthday lunch
most beautiful flowers ever delivered to my door from lily xoxoxo

best birthday dinner xox
stash cash from sara xoxox

first time ever ..fabric from sam ~ 22 years old ~ he went to two quilt shops in seattle and chose these for me xoxoxo

and yard plants from isaac and ani...a rhody and arctic fire dogwood xoxo  also got real spoiled from nick with a kindle the double FIRE business

and today that sun is shining...we might even take our camping trailer "winifred " for a trip tomorrow [ it will be her first trip away with her new curtains xoxoxoxo
 happy sunny friday to all xoxo pam


  1. Yay! Happy Birthday to you! A gorgeous quilt and and a fab present :)

  2. Happy Birthday Pam. I'm seeing lots of sun here.

  3. Happy day to you! I am especially enamoured with the hand picked fabric - so sweet and thoughtful. I do so love to receive plants as gifts - last moms day was an apple tree and a cherry tree - love looking at them out my window.


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