Tuesday, March 19, 2013

LOTTA love xoxo

with all the projects i have started and with all the fabric i have stashed it is always interesting to see what i work on NEXT....so yesterday i decided to pull this wonderful  pile of mostly lotta out of the cupboard

i had collected this lotta jansdotter fabric last summer ... i made curtains for the trailer with some of  it...more here

i pulled my favorites ... mostly lotta ~ echo and bella with a few others that go well ...i especially love the yellow pearl bracelet by lizzy house with these fabrics ...as soon as i put a few blocks together i knew i was going to  LOVE it straight away xoxo

but i already knew that cuz i had seen this over at redpepperquilts xoxo
                                  i think 8 1/2 " square  blocks are a good size to feature these prints  ...this quilt will be super easy and gorgeous ~ 11 wide X 12 long totaling 132 squares...it will measure 88 x 96 and will be a great addition to the trailer matching the curtains quite nicely...

xoxo pam

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