Thursday, March 14, 2013

stamp tramp xo

today in about 10 minutes i made  easy peasy   14 " dinner napkins with osnaberg cotton

inspired by joetta maue ~ she has  napkins with dab, blot, wipe and pat beautifully embroidered on them  ~available at athropologie...

sooo since i am a stamper now....
i decided to play around w this idea ~ thank you joetta xoxo

might of spent another $20 on stamps after i got this awesome napkin idea xoxo

i bought my stamps and this ink at michaels...

finished up a set of 6 napkins with a simple zigzag frayed edge... ~ perfect for a hostess gift xo making more for me real soon xo
 happy thursday xoxo pam


  1. So cute, Pam. I must try this..maybe an Easter idea?

  2. Thanks for sharing! They are cute!
    I've been looking for fabric ink pad ,,,in the wrong place. Will stop by Michaels someday.


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