Monday, August 22, 2011

weekend adventures at larrabee and madison and a very old quilt

had a beautiful summer weekend filled with family, sunshine and good food !!

we drove  beautiful chuckanut drive and went on a hike

hiked the service road up up up...

of course there was planking ....julie's very first time....

safe easy planking....

do you see the almost  happy face ?

came down on the walking trails

planking on planks
our first and probably last double plank

mr. cole's ear at fragrance lake

sister julie wishing we had remembered to tell her that there could be swimming....

and a turtle
and the most amazing viewpoint
had dinner in edison on the way home.....our favorite shop was closed for the day but look what nested above their front door!!
next day was a picnic at madison park
mr. cole w his very tall sons
we had a nice shady spot on the grass

miss lily w the old quilt that i found years ago at a garage sale ....think i paid $30 for it...i washed it very carefully and put it away until now...i decided that it is our family picnic be used and loved ! and look how good it looks!!!
julie and i are off for another adventure today....we are driving to portland for a night or two....looking forward to a small getaway..... happy monday to all ~ pam ~ xoxoxoxo


  1. Hey you hottie! Looks like you had a fun weekend. See you on Saturday!

  2. hey, you guys are great at planking! :)

    looks like a lovely getaway!


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