Friday, August 5, 2011

i heart rhubarb stepping stones and some beginner planking

rhubarb stepping stones are so easy to make and look so gooood in the garden ....this is my third time and they have worked real well every time. my sister susan made these for the first time years ago and gave me the directions...of course i couldn't find those the other nite when we were making them with jim and carrie BUT if you google you get lots of help...i used this link and also found a delicious recipe for rhubarb crisp!

jim is cutting the wire and carrie and nick are mixing it up
here carrie is hamming it up

afterwards jim was very tired...jk we were planking for on planking and check it out for a good is a new craze!!!
carrie planked before dinner

nick planked earlier at bridal trails

i planked too... in fact i want to plank more..... but back to the rhubarb...

keep them wet for several days before flipping them over....

i use my longarm sewing tools to help pick out the rhubarb leaf

heh everybody look how good they look.....rhubarb has the very best veins....
we made 10 stones with 2 bags of cement ...the ones on the left are turned and cleaned....AND we had such a fun nite with our friends....

these stones have been in our lovely garden for years

~ hope it is a good good friday for everyone!!  xoxoxo pam ~

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  1. This post made me laugh! Pam, how I wish I was your neighbor!
    I just was commissioned to make two twin sized quilts from baby clothes. Have you ever done that before, make quilts from clothing? Any tips? The quilts will be coming your way when it's time for the quilting!


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