Wednesday, December 23, 2015

indian summer jelly roll three finish

i have a special christmas gift finish for isaac and ani xo

i love this simple quilt

machine quilted w the kadinsky panto from digitechpatterns  ~ bound with the perfect polka dot and backed w flannel

jelly roll three was made mostly with indian summer by sarah watson from art gallery

sewed with my alberta sisters on the farm at harvest time  ~ i LOVE sewing with the sisters ~ this is one of my favorite memories and photo of 2015 xoxo

i love this fabric so much that even the little bits were saved for some fun improv sewing

i made three little special somethings

each measuring about 14 by 18" and quilted up w the  geo path panto

i love that we three will have a special memento of these special quilts ~ makes it a bit easier to give these quilts away xoxo 
                                   happy holidays ~ only only two more sleeps xo pam

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