Tuesday, September 15, 2015

sistertime in alberta and jellyrollrace 3.0

we three sisters celebrated a special 60 th birthday

susan ~ circa 1958

we had a special night away at the mayfield inn

we might of had TWO cakes xo
and then there were a few special days at joy and ron's farm in sunny rural alberta
in the middle of harvest time
and of course we  SEWED

we each made a jellyrollrace3 sharing a sweet half yard bundle of art gallery ~ sarah watson ~ indian summer 2011 and added a few other fabrics cuz we were short on the 40 strips that were required to make a cuddle size approx 50 by 60 "

i LOVE this variation...i mixed it  up with solid triangles, rectangles and squares...my sisters mostly did the triangles...either way finished up perfect with this indian summer fabric
these fabrics go so well  with the geometric shapes

and there was even a bit of improv play with the leftover snippets [crazymomstyle]
and now i am back home...appreciating my sisters and  the wonderful week we just had xo
                                                           happy tuesday xo pam

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