Monday, December 21, 2015

so many christmas hot pads

                 i love making handmade hotpads ....i find the perfect fabric for them quite often
this year it is  michael miller kitchenette fabric
and i already had the perfect back
i like to load one yard on top and  one yard on the bottom on the longarm with two layers of batting or one layer batt one layer insulbright ~and then i do an easy all over machine quilting

cut the yard into approximately twenty 8" squares ~ i often round the corners for easier binding [no mitering]

 choose some fun bindings and a bit of ribbon

the best part is that two yards of fabric make approximately twenty hot pads or mugmats

and since i also love this moda garden project fabric

i have a few more started xo
the one on the left is inspired by a hotpad that kay made for our quilt group a few years ago...

it has an 8" quilted back

with four 8" squares folded in half and woven together on the front ~ then sewn right sides together
my finished pile is growing slowly...eleven down twenty something to go
                                                        only four more sleeps xoxox pam

1 comment:

  1. Those are just the cutest pot holders. I wonder if I have time.......


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