Friday, May 8, 2015

a zigzag for me circa 2011~ bloggers quilt festival spring 2015

so happy to get this one on the longarm...started back in 2011 after making and loving  the ms raffle quilt that i made that year  ~ with some of my absolute favorite fabrics ...more here

i cut it out but my sister did  the piecing for me a while ago in exchange for some longarming [ it is a very good deal] and then it sat patiently waiting to be quilted xo easy peasy zigzag tutorial here from creative chicks

i pieced the back with some yummy leftovers and some flannel [my favorite]  machine quilted it with hall of mirrors from apricot moon designs and decided on a very simple binding
i love how an improv pieced back finishes up and all out of necessity too cuz i ran out of flannel xo

i added my special ticker tapes...this one deserved a "this took forever" seeing how it was started back in 2011  ~ info  on ticker tape labels here

and a stamped label is my go - to these days

 hand stitches [ my favorite part] 

and a finished binding  is the best xo

            linking up to bloggers quilt festival ~ a big thank you to amy for organizing this  xo pam


  1. haha! love your tags!! such a great quilt! I think I need to revisit the zig zag quilt I have in my closet and get it finished up too!

  2. Great quilt and I love the ticker tape idea :)


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