Monday, May 18, 2015

customer time, garden time , a few pee pee tee pees and blogging w a new power shot camera xo

just finished up three quilts for janie on the weekend ~ this one  is a crabapple hill pattern
lucky girl takes meg hawkey workshops every year xo

embroidered wild flowers in canning jars xo


xo janie's detail in the  embroidery is wonderful

and this is janie's disappearing 4 patch done w loop the loop

and janie's car quilt done w race cars  ~ such a great boy quilt

i love a good pile of finished quilts 

and we got the garden in ~ tomato , potato, kale, lettuce, carrot, beet, padron pepper, pumpkin and a few sunflower volunteers are growing this year xo
and just for fun i made a few pee pee tee pees for our granbaby boy who will be arriving very soon...  my friend kay told me about them  ~ easy peasy tutorial here @ crunchy mamacita
and last but not least i have a new camera...i have  been using my phone for the last few months after dropping and boohoo breaking my last one xoxo

                                                                  happy monday xo


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