Friday, October 24, 2014

stars and honey for large quilts BQF

 stars and honey ~ a very special quilt

i was inspired by liesl made's stripey lone star i doubled the block size and used muslin foundation instead of paper piecing
each 28'  block came together beautifully xo more here on the beginnings of this quilt

the last few blocks traveled to mexico with me last winter along with esther [my 1960 featherweight]

i stitched a few blocks old school on our beautiful patio in PV ~ no mats ~ no rotary cutters ~ no iron ~  it was totally worth carrying esther on the flight xo

this quilt was a labour of LOVE taking over a year to complete xo

9 blocks were made with borders to complete this queensize quilt and many photos were taken during this time xo

definitely recommend pressing those seams OPEN and using wider stripe near the center...

i machine quilted stars and honey with honeycomb by dave hudson

and stamped a label for them special xo

LOVE LOVE LOVE everything about this finish xo

our family cat pepper even got in on this shot

thank you for stopping by...i love to share my favorite quilts with the BQF...a big thank you to amy for organizing this fun and inspiring festival of QUILTS QUILTS and MORE QUILTS !! xo pam
you can see  another bqf quilt entry in my previous post ~ please let me know if you have a quilt in bqf so i can visit your quilt too. xo


  1. Stars and Honey is such a beautiful name for your wonderful scrappy star quilt. I love all the shades of blue, and labelling by stamping straight onto the backing is genius.

  2. I remember when you were working on this! Lovely finish ; )

  3. I remember this in making too - it's fantastic. I'm sure it's treasured everyday :)

  4. This quilt is so beautiful! I love blue and white and all those different blues work so well!

  5. Beautiful! This will go on my "bucket list".

  6. Wow! Love your gorgeous quilt.:)

  7. Beautiful quilt! I especially love the label, so cute!

  8. Beautiful! I love your stamped label, I'd love to try that some day. I do have two quilts in the festival, anchors aweigh in the large category and I made you a mixtape in the small category :)

  9. Love it and really love the quilting, too.


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