Friday, May 16, 2014

STARS AND HONEY ~ bloggers quilt festival

hello and welcome to my little corner...xo pam

this  beauty was made for my son and ani....they love blue and they helped choose the  string star pattern.....the beginning and inspiration found here
it was super spectacular from the very start
                      with some super serious intersections in these 8 pointed stars ....more here

  it even took a trip to mexico with me....and i finished the last 4 blocks there xo
                       i sewed old school ~ finger pressing ~ no iron ~ no rotary cutter ~ no mat ~ just me and esther , my 1959 feather weight ...i was never sorry that i carried her on that flight xo

there was a  special instagram from puerto vallarta
    HAPPY =  sewing outdoors on the patio overlooking the cobblestone street of our casa del gato hermosa xo

    and i Took lots of beautiful photos xo
over a year of LOVE went INTO piecing these 9 extra large blocks
decided on an easy peasy panto for machine quilting and i LOVE it xo

i used muslin for the backround, backing and binding xo

i stamped a special label for these two ~ when i asked them what they would like for christmas 2013 they requested a quilt knowing it was a lot to ask they said  it should be for a few birthdays and christmas combined....i loved that they appreciated and wanted a quilt made by me  xo

and as i said i took a LOT of photos...with blue skies and sunshine and pepper...our family cat [ this photo is extra special cuz we just said goodbye to this sweet girl on the 14th of may ~ she was fifteen] i was actually quite annoyed with her here but now  so happy to have this beautiful shot

nine 28" foundation pieced stars with a small border ~ this quilt finished up 88" square after it was washed xo

this quilt is currently in it's new home with my son isaac and his sweetheart ani being well loved and that is what it is all about xo

thanks for visiting ~ hope you have time to visit lots more blogs at amy's BQF [follow the link below]
where the inspiration from all over the world is ENDLESSLY  WONDERFUL
thank you to amy for organizing this REALLY BIG DEAL xo pam


  1. It's beautiful.... No wonder they treasure it. Love the stamp too :)

  2. It's beautiful, and I love that you sewed some of it in Mexico! Beautiful photos and a beautiful quilt.

  3. Love the colors, and the quilting pattern. The stamped label is really cool, too.

  4. Cool Blues! You were smart to carry the Featherweight on the plane. I 'm not so brave. Beautiful pictures of this special quilt!

  5. A beautiful quilt - and a gorgeous setting for your stitching with your Featherweight.

  6. Beautiful! And your intersections are perfect! (Having sewn 8-seam intersections, I know exactly how tricky that is...!)

  7. I LOVE this quilt! So cool and serene. The scrappiness is just wonderful!

  8. What a stunning quilt and perfect label!


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