Friday, May 23, 2014

this and that

FINISHED piecing this colorful baby and she will be named HAPPY and she will be MINE  ~ i want to QUILT IT UP SOON with a cuddly flannel back ~ more here

i made this sweet thread catcher at my new  ~ featherweight club with joyce ~ best teacher EVER ~ i haven't done a class for so long and it feels sooo good xo
working on this right now xo more here

had a little time for some  ticker tape therapy yesterday...and it feels so good...

and i made a special prayer flag with empowering words for a friend  ~ inspired by the virtues cards that lily gifted me ~ one of my favorite gifts this year ...i am thinking of ordering a case to share w friends and family xoxo
  happy memorial weekend...we are hoping to have a seabeck camping trip...looking forward to a small getaway with husband and friends xo pam


  1. ooh, i love your HAPPY patchwork and those quilted words...whoa!! have a lovely weekend, friend! xoxo

  2. I love your Happy quilt top :)


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