Tuesday, July 30, 2013

we did mount rainier xo

we just got back from camping and hiking in  mount rainier national park....

this is the road that leads to ohanapecosh in mount rainier national park xoxo

these are the beautiful trees above you at ohanapecosh xo

this is the crisp and clear ohanapecosh river ~ taken from the bridge in our campsite...

these are my feet ~ looking down from a log bridge on our silver falls hike

this is where we camped  at C -16 at ohanapecosh ...but next time we will try to get 17 or 15 right on the river bank xo

this is our drive up the mountain to sunrise ~ oolala
so many tough hikes to choose from xo

this is on the dege hike  [rhymes w raggae] in the sunrise area

this is our marmot friend who was waiting for us at the top ...quite the view this guy has!

 we also met these two at the top...they  hiked the 3.2 mile trail in bare feet...i am going to follow their up and coming blog ~ live naked

this is the view at the top ~ you can see for MILES and MILES and MILES !!
and this is one of my favorite shots xoxo

this is the sunrise area below from the top of the dege trail ~ viewing mt. rainier from the ne

this is our well deserved beer at the finish of our hike

and this is the view of mt. rainier from the south at paradise...the wild flowers are AMAZING

we had a shorter but steeper hike at paradise xo ...i love john muir xo
 and so we are back from another great camping trip...we will definitely go here again!!
  happy tuesday...xo pam

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