Monday, July 22, 2013

very very [good] tired today xoxox

boo hoo .... said goodbye to joyce and ron early this morning....we had  a great time and packed a lot in for a 3 day visit...xo

on saturday we did the crazy busy pike place market
and  bill speidel's underground tour...this is the view from underneath downtown seattle can see people passing by above you through the glass sidewalk ...and the early  history of seattle is pretty crazy xo

and we managed one small family dinner on saturday night with fresh halibut xo

on sunday joy and i even snuck a trip to joann's in...and i got some very fun goodies...she got a lot of minky...

found this book on sale too...and i am very happy to have it xo

BUT these eyes might be my favorite find ...
then we had afternoon wine tastings down the hill in woodinville wine country...

enjoyed that very much...and we followed that with a delicious dinner at purple

finished sister susan's le jardin quilt late last night...xo

was very motivated because i wanted joyce to take it home with her  to susan when she departed this am....
and i am back to work today with a customer quilt...pam did a great job piecing this awesome t-shirt quilt and i am machine quilting it with stars and stripes....looking good xo

                                happy monday...xo pam

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