Thursday, December 6, 2012

new wheels and a few small repairs plus treasures from michael's

first my needle up /  needle down started acting up and then my long arm started making way more noise than usual....
then like usual i called nick in to have a look...only this time he couldn't fix my zoom zoom...
this is when i realize how attached i am to my machine...and how i never want to be apart, not even for a day...
soo i called my local APQS rep sheila on a SUNDAY expecting her to tell me that i would have to pack it up and ship it back to IOWA for a repair....instead sheila and al came out the very next day [i am so lucky to say they live 15 minutes away] and spent 5 hours on my machine... figured out that i had a few issues [installed new brushes and adjusted the timing] also recommended  a grease job and new wheels [merry christmas to me] ...
my machine is BETTER than new...the new wheels are so super smooth .... now i have to call her triple zoom zoom zoom xoxo.
best of all ~  i am back at it ~ hardly missed a beat of that busy december schedule and i cannot say THANK YOU enough to sheila and al for spending all monday afternoon with me and my machine.

these are my 7 year old wheels...i put a lot of miles on these babies xoxo

these are my new faster than ever wheels xoox

YIKES !  i have been to michael's 4 times in the last week ~.spent a whopping $20 for all today's loot...quilt calendars $1.20....quilt planners $.60....button/ribbon cards $.99 ~ these  will make great little quilt lover gifts.....and i promise myself  I WILL NOT  be back at michael's for a while!! happy thursday  xoxox pam

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  1. i made the switch from my 6 year old black wheels to the M&Ms last year, and it was love at first feather :)

    it's amazing how a spa day can make our machines purr

    happy stitches!


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