Wednesday, December 19, 2012

gumdrop fudge and quilts

this really is the sweetist and easiest fudge ever and it is so pretty xo

finished up linda's quilt w swirl and twirl by lorien

i love the butterfly fabric and the star pattern xoxo

finished up kris's star quilt w all over heart by keryn emmerson...

finished up christi's quilt w modern twist by patricia ritter

and this was a little purchase that just made me happy xoxox

my favorite customer quilt of the week for sure....denise made this quilt for her gma and  gpa for christmas...she just turned 12 ... i love that her mom [who also has 3 younger children] found the time to find me and was willing to spend the $$ ...together we decided on a simple all over and an easy machine stitched binding  to finish it up.... this is an extra special quilt and it made me smile a lot xoxoxo

i have one more customer quilt to finish up before i take a break...but i plan on sewing lots during my time off....hoping to finish  up some of my special projects before the new year....xoxoxo pam

1 comment:

  1. those swirls complement Linda's beautiful quilt so well.


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