Monday, October 17, 2011

slowly but surely and a little string of happy

i am starting to feel better.....the worst part about taking mega antibiotics is the extreme fatigue....not going to complain too much cuz i am so lucky to have them available to me.....not so long ago i could have been a goner.....instead i am slowly getting stronger and i have even spent a few hours in my wonderful sewing room  that i am missing terribly.....

paula made this wedding memory quilt and had everyone sign a block

i machine quilted it with bush berries by really is a well used panto...

finished up so nice

love all the sweet messages
another string of happy......i love them...they really do make me sooo happy
here is a link to my inspiration in case you missed how much i love dottie angel's new book....if you like vintage it is a special book to have!!! xoxoxox hope you all had  a great monday..... ~ pam ~

1 comment:

  1. Sew happy to hear you are feeling better!! I am a fan of Modern Medicine. Take care!


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