Tuesday, October 11, 2011

not feeling so fine

all started last week with a bit of stomach cramps and aches and pains....after blood work at the docs and a ct scan i was in the hospital just like that....with an abscessed cyst on my fallopian tube that needed some serious iv antibiotics.....i think i am one lucky girl cuz i am back home again , i will still need to take antibiotics for a few more weeks and then i will see my doctor again...fingers crossed that it will all fix itself.....otherwise i will be having a wee bit of surgery....

a few aches and pains

and all of the sudden i am attached to the iv pole....no pole dancing for me though

pam's hospital flower shop....thank you to my dear friend's and family for all their love
pink gerbers and  pink roses ....so beautiful

i received several  gorgeous orchids

i can never get over their intricate detail

and another beauty
judy and carrie from my quilt group brought me a bit of fabric..love this color combo....don't be jealous jenny

and kay brought me these adorable little gnomes
i even found some stairs
special  delivery to my front door today....and they smell soooo good
so now...i have a few weeks where i HAVE to take it easy....who knows what i will start or finish up....hope my next post is all about a FINISHED project..... xoxoxox ~ pam ~


  1. I love how you can see the funny in everything!!
    And yes...I'm jealous!

  2. Did you manage any planking in the hospital?!?

    Hope you feel better soon...OXOX.

  3. Oh my, I really hope you feel better soon. Hugs, Hugs, Hugs!!

  4. i hope that you get lots of rest! praying for you!

  5. Yikes Pam. Sending you Hugs. Orchids & fabric, perfect get well gifts!


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