Friday, November 26, 2010

silver day

 I had fun with the silver this week.....I really enjoy the looking...

Mr Postman, please bring me some fabric...

easy to find silver on vehicles

lucky silver

1 800-FABRIC

my favorite

silver anniversary gift

frosty watering can

good old pots and pans

silver anniversary jewels from my sweet husband

keys to my zoomzoom

a new thread for piecing

a trinket box with a picture of Lily with PJ Sparkles

twin thimbles

always wishing for more time

tools of the sweet trade

delicious bowl of bobbins

silver anniversary man

silver anniversary love children

Check it is silver Friday today... all day...actually where I live it is Black Friday...I usually stay away from all stores because it is crazy sale madness but for some reason I was awake early and headed to Joann Fabrics for some of that craziness. Flannel for $1.29....50% off coupons....60% off Christmas decorations etc. I got in and out early and avoided the long challenge will be finding a spot to put my great bargains!! Have a great weekend everyone.


  1. Great pictures! You have a beautiful family.

  2. I decided to play too Pam. Check my blog later for my "Silver Friday." Thanks for the invite!

  3. love the letter boxes all in a row...great pictures

  4. You have a wonderful collection of silver photos. Love the letterboxes with their roof to keep the snow off. And the watering can in the snow. Great collection of sewing items. Sounds like you found a few bargains in your early morning shop!

  5. What a great selection of photos and comments to go with them. Thank you. Lois

  6. Hello Pam,

    Another great collection,I especially love the dripping ice and the watering can photo's. Your family is lovely,hope you enjoyed your turkey. Great shopping bargains too, was there any teal coloured fabric for next weeks colour?

    Enjoy your weekend.
    Happy days.


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