Thursday, November 18, 2010

hey everybody get down with brown

It is colorful Friday time again...I have so much fun with this....and I am getting a bit more confident with my photography skills.....




and more leaves

an applique I made for Nick a few years ago

a favorite pillow

love these frogs taking in the light

a basket from Target

snails trail

a dragonfly and a brown jug

Nick's favorite chocolate

our bare brown maple

banana  nut muffins

Lily made this awesome walnut spoon/fork for lucky me in woodshop...

a very brown lamp

cookies please

wait...another basket

warm and brown

scissors, pincushion and plant

lovely stack of brown

make me into some pillows please

cutest buttons ever

I love this magnet pin holder made by my father-in-law

special button box

also made by my father-in-law

Judy's cookie press gift from  Japan

leftovers from Michelle and Dave's wedding quilt

special finds


lily found this mostly brown pincushion at a craft fair

treasure box

Kathi found this in Lake Chelan for me

gotta love Trader Joes

can't forget about the simple brown bag

moda's gobble gobble

tree chimes
 I really did get down with the brown!!  Have a  great weekend everyone...


  1. Lovely collection of browns Miss Pam. I really like the owl fabric & I have a wind chime just like that!

  2. Hello Pam

    WOW I love your photo collection of Brown. Those frogs are so damn cute on that lamp. That made me smile. I love that you have included lots of homemade items. They are the best. Have a wonderful weekend too.

    Happy days.

  3. Hi Pam.
    Lots of lovely brown! I really like your applique and the snail trail. Glad you included chocolate in the pictures!
    I think the frog lamp is just wonderful. That's a real treasure!
    Cute gingerdread buttons and how wonderful is that button box.
    I've had lots of fun looking through your photos.
    Have a lovely weekend.

  4. Lots of lovely browns. Love the frogs and the lamp. You have some talented family members and friends :)


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