Friday, November 5, 2010

Pink is the Best

Blackbird Designs Welcome Home

my pink girl tools

pink stash

a vinyl carry bag

some of my favorites

Sara gave me this beautiful card

cosmos in my garden

roses in the hood

made this for my girls back in

marie webster rose wreath I have been working on this quilt for 10 years...hope to finish it this is for my patient sister  Susan

pretty ribbons
opi elaPhantastic pink

bouginvillia in Phoenix

pink sunset with the white tank mountains   It is colorful Friday once again....I love doing this!!

Pink is all about girl power....I hardly ever wear pink but I love it.... I especially love making baby girl quilts is happy...happy...happy!!!


  1. That was great photo of toes. Pink sunset was awesome and all the photos were great. Love Lois

  2. Hi Pam.
    Lots of pink fun in the photos today.
    I just love bougainvillea but in some of our states it is considered a weed. What a shame!
    Gorgeous pink fabrics and beautiful flowers.
    Keep those oink toes warm with Winter on its way.
    Have a lovely pink day!

  3. Hiya Pam... I finally made it... took me a while but I made it.
    I love your post and Oh I do agree... Pink is happy happy happy!
    So many beautiful pics!
    Lovely sunset, quilts, flowers and so much more!
    I'm so glad you're enjoying :-)
    Happy Pink Friday!!
    Robyn xx


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