Thursday, October 14, 2010

Green, Green, Green

my favorite of the week

local Pacific Fabric store

look close for the green spiders

wish they were from my garden but I got them at Trader Joe's

lucky me...this is my neighborhood

a gift from Julie

some of my favorite greens

This colorful Friday game is so much fun and good practice for a newbie blogger like myself....

hello money
                               Wishing everyone a great sister is visiting from Alberta, we have lots of great sewing stuff planned...looking forward to all of it.  Pam


  1. Pam!! *big grin*
    I love all of your green photos... fantastic!!!
    Your front door?... is wonderful!!

    So much green goodness to be seen around your neighbourhood... Beautiful!

    I'm so glad you're playing laong in our colour game :-)
    Happy green Friday xx

  2. Hi Pam. These are lovely photos. You live in a very picturesque area. What a great neighbourhood. I love the green door - is it yours? I like that green paper at the end of your post too, but I spend too much of it whenever I visit your country. And I enjoy my visits to Trader Joe's too! Enjoy your sewing weekend!

  3. One would never know you are a newbie blogger. You are doing very well. You have a lovely neighborhood. Love the photo of the threads.

  4. Hello Pam,

    Wow you certainly found a heap of green at your place. Enjoy your time with your sister I hope you manage to get lots of sewing done.
    Happy days.

  5. Hi Pam, I've finally caught up on some of the other 'greenies' this week! You certainly have a lot of greens around your place! Love the green door and the views from around your area.

    You'll be hooked on blogging now you've started!

  6. Hi Pam, OH what gorgeous pictures!!!
    I have to say I feel so inspired by your pictures...
    The ones with the pines just blew me away... Thank you so much for playing along!
    I am sorry it took me a week for coming by, but I am oh-so glad I finally did! Can't wait to see you OranGe later!
    Looks like you had a wonderful time with your sisters.


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