Wednesday, October 6, 2010


This is the second orange baby I have, love, love this quilt!!!
I love the simple hourglass block...
I love the color orange...
I love the Spring Fling panto by Patricia E.Ritter so much that I quilted  them exactly the same!
I saw an orange and white quilt in a photo last year and instantly fell in love....decided to make it for my annual MS quilt was well loved and raised over $1000 for the  2010 MS walk at the Husky Stadium in Seattle.
My sister Susan also fell in love so I shared some of my oranges but we also had fun shopping for is hard to stop shopping because orange fabric makes you so happy. My friends Kay, Jenny and Barbara also made beautiful orange quilts....Barbara made a queensize quilt with teeny blocks, a friend of hers at Curves  loved it so much that Barbara sold it to her ... she says she will make another!
You can check out Kay and Jenny's here

 Anyone else inspired by orange today?

Susan's quilt

1 comment:

  1. I love Susan's orange quilt (and Jenny's and Kay's too). Everyone at Keepsake still raves about your orange & white quilt, wish I had seen that one, too. I love orange.


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