Friday, October 29, 2010

Colors of Halloween

It is colorful Friday with Robyn time!!

The most colorful part of Halloween this year will  be  my 25th wedding anniversary! Nick and I met just before Halloween and we were married on Halloween...and now.... many Halloweens later....
I am making a quilt of coarse .... it is not going to be finished by this Sunday but I have started it....Heart and Home by Suzanne McNeill pieced and appliqued with Moda's Gobble Gobble is perfect for this very special celebration...I plan on backing this  big enough for two quilt with flannel and cuddling with it for many more years together....Happy Anniversary Nick!

And now for a few other colors of Halloween.....

there is a blanket of leaves and pine needles everywhere

a fave in my neighborhood

on the side

this tree looks like it  is on fire


regular maintenance

along the fence

under my feet

Halloween on steroids


another fire

my back steps

in my garden

on the tree swing

entwined with the hose

I love leaves....even in my house

creepy right??

turban squash

Buggy Barn Crazy Rays

pumpkin lights on the party gazebo


  1. Happy anniversary. Love the new quilt you are working on. I enjoyed the "stroll" round your neighborhood.

  2. Hi Pam.
    First of all, Happy Anniversary!
    Good luck with the quilt - it is loking great!
    Your Halloween pics are wonderful. I am always stunned by the beautiful colours in your trees as they turn in Autumn. It must be such a wonderful sight. I also love the way neighbourhoods get into the theme of decorating. What great fun for everyone.
    Have a wonderful Halloween!

  3. Happy Anniversary! I love the new quilt and your photos were great. I love the Halloween on steroids. LOL. Love Lois

  4. Hello hello Pam and Happy Anniversary from me :-)
    Many congrats!!

    Such beautiful Autumn colour around your neighbourhood right now.
    Wonderful photos and colours... Happy halloween!!


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