Thursday, October 15, 2015

little bits

i have officially finished mysmallworld  quilt after deciding i must have a kite ~ this has been such a fun project...many hours of fun....thank you to verykerryberry i am considering the machine quilting...

and i have started making these again ~ so easy , so inexpensive... and i found this inexpensive perfect lace webbing at daiso i love these key rings for small gifts and thank you's
and in my sewing room this week i have been working on lauri's quilts ~ this beautiful hst quilt with mostly teals is gorgeous ~ machine quilted with loop the loop

and i am finishing up lauri's solid quilt today w cool beans ~ sooo beautiful
and i couldn't stop myself from ordering this awesome t shirt from stately type

and some crazy mom quilts good neighbor fabric from connecting threads

and most important ... our whole family celebrated canadian thanksgiving  with ham and gramma's ooey gooey chocolate cake xoxo

                                          happy thursday xo pam

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