Friday, January 24, 2014

i love sewing with this girl xo

i had a wonderful day yesterday....i sewed happily all day with kay...she made me a delicious lunch and this sweet little pincushion too xo i LOVE her sewing parlour xo

 cute cute cute
my lovely pile of sewing goodness xo
 i made some progress on this ....ouch ~  it is a bit painful putting these 8 pointed star blocks together ... good news is that they are large 28" ~ and there is only 9 of them ...and i absolutely LOVE it xo

 also made a third tagmat easy tutorial here for my husband's boss ~ baby boy number three xo

i love making these ...such an easy project

and i am a ribbon lover xo
i am thoroughly enjoying my month off from customer quilting xo even though i LOVE my job and will be happy to start up again... my 2014 goal is to slow down a bit ...make less money...spend less money...enjoy every stitch...
and my word of the year is ~ EQUANIMITY ~ perfect unshakeable peace of mind....from buddha's brain
which is also my book of choice right now...

happy friday xo pam

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