Monday, February 25, 2013

lakebay girl's weekend

we had a great get away

bff beach bunnies
beach , beer and beach combing w buckets...even some rookie midnight clamming xoxo
lots of games...we played a great new game called telestrations ~ a game of words and drawings xo
and there was tattoos...

we did not get far with the bottle cap crafts...i did not have the right tools

but i did get these gifts from the sea and i plan on using some caps and mogde podge to make something for my garden xoxo
a big THANK YOU to monica for organizing and terese and orrin  for making us feel so welcome xoxox

                    such a good weekend....had so much fun with the girls and i slept like a baby...
                    so nice to have NO agenda.... xoxoxo pam                  


  1. Love it and love you! Had such a great time with my buddies...



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