Thursday, February 21, 2013

bottle cap crafts coming right up .... bottle cap crafts and you will be on over load immediately....or just check out brokeassstuart

i have been saving bottle caps for a long time...and i am going away with some  bff's this weekend...a few of us are a bit crafty but i am the ONLY quilter [ and i should say i am completely ok about taking a break from sewing] sooo i was looking for an inexpensive craft inspired by " crafts for poor people " by amy sedaris....

bottle cap possibilities are endless.... i am so looking forward to a getaway with the girls and it will be so fun to do a few crafts...especially when the weekend focus will be eating , drinking , playing games, digging clams and beachcombing xoxoxo

crafting supplies include nails,hammer, modgepodge, split ring pliers, wire, glue gun and brushes...creative ideas include trivets, coasters,  garden art with beachwood , magnets is going to be interesting xoxoxo
        happy thursday xoxo pam

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