Sunday, November 25, 2012

weekend crafting xoxox

SO INSPIRED by meg ....i have had this idea on my mind for a long time....and i have a LOT of french general fabric left over from my finished le jardin quilt

so fun to work with these left over fabrics....5 little mug mats all sewn up xoxox
began last night...finished this this ticker tape / no rules / everyone is different kind of crafting xoxoxo

so easy and fun...i made mine a bit bigger using 9 1/2 x 6 1/2 inch for the main part of the house and  a 7 inch square cut on the diagonal for the roof

added initials to personalize a few for gifts xoxo

added a few buttons

love using bits of lace and ric rac

doesn't even matter if you sew straight xoxox

these will be great gifts....i think there will be many more of these...
a big thank you to meg for the inspiration....a lot of my favorite project ideas come from others and i really appreciate the ones that encourage you to be and have fun xoxo pam


  1. Love these! They are all adorable! Thanks for sharing! xoxo


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