Saturday, November 3, 2012

addicted to applique

i just finished  my le jardin quilt top and i was having applique withdrawls ....i MUST have a hand job [ha ha] on the go or my quilt world is not in balance....

kay and i both bought this BEAUTIFUL simplicity quilt kit together years ago....and yesterday was our sew day together we sorted through the templates [kay had started the 200 % enlargements and was ready to transfer to freezer paper] and got this beauty started xoxoxo

this fabric is sooo pretty .....the center applique block is 32" square and has a million is set on point and has 68 flying geese, 140 half square triangles, borders, corner half squares and corner applique...and finishes up 74"square xoxoxo

this is what i have so far...i use  the spray starch method for applique and kay does needle turn [cuz she is the applique queen xoxo]
either way it takes a lot of LOVE and time to finish these beautiful quilts....who knows when it will be done??? it could take years but that is long as i have a to go project all is well xoxoxo

happy saturday xoxox pam

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